You can choose from the following time slots:

  •   30-minute lessons 

They cost £17 and suit children over 5 years of age, beginners and students who would like to play or sing as a hobby. 

  •   45-minute lessons

They cost £23 and cover more material so you can make progress faster. They are recommended for students who want to study their instrument in more depth. These slots can also cover sight-reading and aural tests for students who practice for their first graded exams. 


  •   60-minute lessons 

They cost £30 and are recommended for students who study for Grades 6-8 and Diploma. They also suit students who want to follow music as a profession. 

  • Accompaniment

I charge as above for rehearsals, plus £35 for the exam. This includes travelling expenses, time spent to learn the pieces and a warm up run in a separate room in the exam centre.  

Cancellations are accepted but I ask for at least 24 hours notice otherwise the lesson becomes chargeable.